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Spotted Mules
On the Buffalo River Trail Ride

With Marianne Polman

We have been going to the Buffalo River Trail Ride (BRTR) for over 10 years and love the trails, the beauty of the bluffs on the Buffalo River, and the friendliness of the people we meet there.


The trail riders we met there on our first trip are still our friends today, as are the Picture Lady and her crew. We may not see them but once a year but we pick up right where we left off the last time we saw them, and enjoy our time.


Everyone there knows us by "Dom & Sweetie"...  We are on our spotted mules Willie and Waylon.


The photo was taken at the Buffalo River Trail Ride in Waynesboro, TN during the October 2017 organized ride by a team member with the professional photographers known as The Picture Lady.

This second photo was taken at the Buffalo River Trail Ride in Waynesboro, TN during the October 2017 organized ride...


Dom & I were on the trail heading back to camp from a trail ride from the Gourd House. The Gourd House is about 3 hours away from camp by horseback. It's an old wood house with a red roof out in the middle of nowhere.


The house was named the Gourd House because the people that lived there would string gourds all around their house for the purple martins to nest in.


The ride was an all day ride and Dom and I were holding hands and talking along the trail, when a lady from Ohio snapped a picture of us.


We love spending a week at the BRTR during October.


The trails are beautiful and the changing of the leaves are so beautiful to look at while on the trail. 

The third picture was taken at the Best of America by Horseback organized ride on November 11, 2017 at the Bogue Chitto State Park in Franklinton, LA.


Dom was making a minor adjustment on my saddle before we got too far along on the trial. No matter where we're riding he always looks out for my safety and shows love and compassion to me and my spotted mule, Waylon. He coaches me when we are on the trail to make sure I enjoy my ride and I stay safe. 



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