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Gather 'Round the Campfire

Cowboy Poetry

What A Horse Can Teach Ya


When am out on the open lonely range,

There is no better partner then my horse although he looks strange.

He’s got black spots upon his pure white hide and droopin’ ears,

But he ain’t no slouch when it comes to sortin’ them steers.

His ride is sometimes purty hard,

But I couldn’t have found a better pard.


Now from the day he was born I jest knew he was right,

Although gettin’ him broke was a real good fight.

But through all of this we became great friends,

And this is where I noticed a lesson begins.

Ya see Amigo is his name and he taught me some things in my heart,

And these lessons I will never let part.


He taught me kindness, patience and compassion and placed it in my mind,

This all helped my heart become so kind.

With his compassion he showed me he felt my feelins’

His frisky ways would lift me up when I needed some healin’.

Ole Amigo always had patience with me on a rough ridin’ day,

He would never turn his focus away.


And no matter how much I would put him through

he would always have a kind heart.

No matter the weather or the terrain he would always show me

a pleasant nature on his part.

Amigo was also very humble in his way,

Never got big headed for his bridle in the day.


Ya now this is what we should live by in our daily walk,

If we jest open our hearts and let God talk.

For He tells us to have a heart of compassion, kindness,

humility, gentleness and patience with one another,

He tells us to forgive our sisters and brothers.


And let the peace of Christ rule in our hearts from up above,

And jest like ole Amigo and I, we need the perfect bond of unity which is love.


                                                                              © Michael L. Murphy  2017



Photo of Amy Ehlers


In Memory of Tux

Black Magic


He sleeps beside the Chisholm Trail

This old trusted friend of mine

Where the sagebrush goes a tumblin’

And the coyotes perfect their whine


Named Romancero III

One of a special breed

Meant for beauty and grace

Built for endurance and speed


Gentle as an old brood mare

But spirited as any mustang

A pleasure under saddle

Nothin’ would I change


A black Peruvian Paso

So black, I called him Black Magic

Sometimes Blacky or Roman

Active life, death that was tragic


A little head strong

And full of heart

Taught me to ride better

Right from the start


More horse than I deserved

The Big Trail Boss smiled on me

Gave me an equine friend

Let me be more than I could be


Wet saddle blankets

Hours on the trail

Well spent days

Flowing mane and tail


Together in Oklahoma

Times I can recall

When the horse I rode

Made me sit so tall


The view from his back

A perspective so unique

Vistas across the plain

All in order, all complete



Reckon, I still mourn his passing

And being mounted up ain’t the same

As when me and Black Magic

Kicked up dust upon the plain


~Ron Secoy


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