On The Trail!

Candy Phillips & Mulligan the Mule

Candy Phillips “This is my main string of equines and my dog. They also pack. We are in the Gallatin Mountains in Montana, north of Yellowstone where we camped at Buffalo Horn Trailhead for a week.”

*Look for Mulligan in our Recipes article!

Carrie McClure & Juno the Mustang


Juno the magic Mustang pony from Devil’s Garden, “We go everywhere together!” In Mendocino County, California

Cathy Klecker & Bo the Mule

This was my first trip to Wyoming with CJ's Beauregard “Bo”. This was my most favorite picture of the trip (and my friend Janell Horn took lots of them). We headed to Wyoming and South Dakota. I was very delighted to find out the camp host had mules at Hunters Corral in the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming. And the mules actually outnumbered the horses the two days we spent at the campground.  This was the first time I actually felt like I belonged...


When we pulled into the campground, we understood it was one corral with one campsite, however, explaining to the camp host that the two mares I was traveling with would kill my mule overnight, he was able to find me a corral to put him in.  He said, “Anything for a mule!”  Loved that gentleman.  Here I am riding back to camp… It was a great trip with awesome views!

Elise Stassar & Wild Horses


The Salt River Wild Horse Herd – Arizona. Elise’s husband Ari Stassart took the photo.


Ari Stassart on his horse, Lennox, riding by the wild horses near the shore. The ears in the foreground belong to Elise Stassart’s horse Mercutio. The photo was taken by Joel Erickson, of Minnesota, who was riding Mercutio.


Jenny Alexander & Betsy the Mule


Betsy aka “Floppy Ears” the mule carries our most precious cargo on trips to the mountains in our home state of Montana. She will be 20-years-old old this year. This is my 5-year-old son south of Red Lodge in the Beartooth Mountains.

This is my daughter two summers ago when she was 7-years-old, at the end of an 11-mile day pulling out of an old burn in the Custer Gallatin National Forest in Montana.

Coley Gibson & Shrek


Meet Shrek! He is one cool cat! I probably think he is the coolest because he has packed me all over the Bob Marshall and Scapegoat Wilderness! So many miles!!! I heard he had sold for quite a pretty penny back in the day at a sale and he and his lady owner didn’t get along and he would run off with her! So, they sold him to us!  He was round as a barrel when we got him and after a few heavy hay loads and 14 miles back into our main camp, he started packing me!


I can walk out in the field, mountains, or whenever to give him treats, and he comes running. He is just one of kind… love this guy! When my mother-in-law broke her foot on one of the trips, he hauled her all the way out 30 miles… he gives you his all, all the time! 

Doug Lindgren & Ruby


Doug Lindgren from Hay Creek Horse Camp in South Dakota on one of the many mounts he has ridden… from mustangs to mules and anything in between!

Photo submitted by Lori Thompson

Joyce Gorsek & Her 3 Mules


Joyce with “Lucy’s Cruzen” at Shawnee National Forest at High Knob, Illinois

Joyce  with Helburner at the North Fork River Ranch, Missouri

Joyce's “Lucy’s A Fox” during Halloween

Randy & Otis
LeAnn & Dolly


This was at the 2020 Clinton Arkansas National Chuckwagon Races. Best vacation ever!  We go every year! 

Camping, riding, lots of things to do besides watching the races. We highly recommend it!

Randy & Chica the Mustang Mare


Riding at a wagon train in Culbertson, Montana

Randy & Chica taking a break

My Daughter Maci & Her Mule Dolly

My husband, an Army veteran, painted this flag on our barn during Covid…

And we snapped some patriotic photos of my daughter Maci and Dolly during Covid!

Submitted by Sarah Brede


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