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Cowboy Poetry


*This was our Favorite poem from 2019!

Don’t Pee On A Rattlesnakes Head
By Natalie Beechler


“Don’t pee on a rattlesnakes head”

is the warning my ma always said.

And more often than not, I sat poppin’ a squat,

While four brothers crossed the streams as they fought.


As time passed, we grew up and grew on

Laughed at ma’s sayings long gone.

And as time passed me by, I would chuckle and sigh

of the “wisdom” that came from Ma’s tongue.


I found myself in the Lord’s beauty one day,

A high meadow we rode up along

On the back side of Big Bear, a homestead showed times wear,

Is where the thunder of ma’s words came on strong.


Now our group can enjoy a drink or two,

In God’s country as genuine folk do.

Puts a tear in our eye at the beauty of heaven’s sky,

But at some point, drinks make their way through.


At which point I had to dismount my steed,

and walk through high meadow grass weed.

With a smile on my face at the suns warm embrace

I searched for the tree at which to pee.

As I settled to the spot I had found,

to return to the earth what’d been drank down,

To my shocking ears I realized all my fears

To Ma’s wisdom my soul was now bound!


As it wasn’t my brothers you see,

who came across a rattlin’ enemy,

But me as I squat with my pants down was caught,

Near a timber rattler in God’s country!


So, I screamed at the top of my lungs,

through the meadows and canyons, it rung!

And the snake just as scared when it saw my ass bare,

If it had legs it would surely had run!


But I didn’t stick around there to see,

As the rattlin’ echoed all about me.

And my kin folk did yell as my legs raised and fell

For I flew down the meadow full flee!


“Don’t pee on a rattlesnakes head”

Those the words my mama did said.

Never thought it’d pertain to one of my veins

But my mama was always one step ahead!


This poem was inspired by true events!

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