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From the desk of Shannon Schraufnagel

Looking Back & Moving Forward


Here we are in a New Year again. Are you one of those who set up New Year's resolutions? Or one of those that just continues through from year to the next? I usually try to think of some things I’d like to aim for in the New Year.  Some I accomplish and some I don’t. We try to do the same thing for HTCAA (Horse Trails & Camping Across America) and The Trail Journal. And some we accomplish and some we don’t.


But looking back over 2018 I am fairly satisfied with what we accomplished through HTCAA.

In January of 2018 we started up HTCAA Memberships… I wasn’t sure how well this would be received. But looking back over the last year I am humbled by the response.


Did we reach the goal I had set for the year? No. But I’m glad we didn’t! The more members we bring on, more work and organization is required on our end. Had we reached the goal I was aiming for I wouldn’t have been able to handle it all. But what did happen was just the right amount of work we could handle.


Looking back - I am very satisfied.


Looking forward – we have a lot of work to do.


What we have offered our Members and Business Members is just the foundation of what’s to come.


Based on our “True North” of HTCAA we have many trails yet to blaze in the future…

What is our True North?


Our True North at HTCAA is to Encourage, Promote, Support & Unite The Trail Riding Community & Lifestyle


What does that mean exactly? Here are the details…


We ENCOURAGE the Trail Riding Community to find new trails & new friends to ride with, through social media & the face to face world, to Keep the Community Connected.


We PROMOTE the Trail Riding Lifestyle through social media, online marketing & face to face events, such as Equine Fairs, Shows & Campground Events, to Keep the Community Profitable.


We SUPPORT Local & National Trail Riding Organizations such as Back Country Horsemen & Trail Committees, to Keep the Trail Riding Community Strong.


We UNITE the Trail Riding Community by bringing all Trail Riders together, Establishing a Unified Vision to Preserve our Trails & Campgrounds and to Develop & Sustain the Future of the Trail Riding Lifestyle, for the Benefit of all Trail Riders across America.

To reach our True North it will require more supporting Members and more organization on our end. But after looking back on what we accomplished in 2018 I believe it will be achievable in the near future. 


So, stay tuned in 2019! I am hoping for the best, preparing for the unknown, and am ready to move forward.


And I want to thank you for your support and patience in 2018 - It's not an easy task to "herd" the largest trail riding community in the country and continue to maintain the status of the #1 trail riding resource in America! But with your help and support we're doing it! 


And if you have the winter blues we hope this January issue will take away those blues, as we reflect on some of our most popular articles from 2018!


And, for 2019, I pray you discover new trails and are blessed with new friends along the way!


Blessed Trails,

~Shannon Schraufnagel




Shannon Schraufnagel is the Founder & CEO of “Horse Trails & Camping Across America | HTCAA”, and the Editor-in-Chief of The Trail Journal. She grew up in Wisconsin, riding and showing Quarter Horses in 4-H, Open Shows, as well as Breed Shows. When she started trail riding and camping with a friend at the age of 17 she realized she was able to enjoy her horse without all the stress of showing – and fell in love with it! And fell in love with her friend. Jason and Shannon married and moved out west where they enjoyed some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the country. They moved back to Wisconsin in 2015, but she left her heart in the mountains. She loves her HTCAA Members, her husband, and all her critters. She also enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and of course trail riding.


 To contact Shannon you can email her at or call her at 844-744-8222 (844-74-HTCAA)


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