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HTCAA Connects Florida to The Tetons

Two people meet from across the country to ride in the Tetons!

Written by Sabrina Hanan & Lisa Odom

Sabrina Hanan’s Journal Intro…


How Lisa & I met...


Lisa saw my posts in HTCAA (HTCAA's Facebook Group) from winter time (in Montana) and since she lives in Florida, she was very curious. I saw her posts of riding on the beach and really enjoyed seeing them.


She sent me a friend request through Facebook and after getting to know Lisa through much conversation, and realizing we had a deep connection, and her desire (and mine!) to ride in the Grand Teton National Park, I invited her to come out and ride with me...


I figured out all the logistics and costs, and presented it to Lisa so that she and her husband could mull it over. It took about two weeks, all together, to get all the pieces in place. We split all costs and each of us paid around $900 which for what we did was remarkably reasonable.


On June 1st 2018 Lisa flew into Bozeman, Montana. I picked her up and we went back to my place and spent the next day getting ready for our trip to the Tetons in Wyoming. We left my home in Emigrant, Montana on June 1st and returned to my home on June 9th. And the amazing memories  and friendship was made!

Lisa Odom’s Journal Intro…


Sabrina did a good job on the “how we met part” so I don’t need to add very much. 


I watched Sabrina’s videos through HTCAA & Facebook for a year before we "friended" one another. This past year, it was the “Northwood Farms Horsemanship Challenge” that made me really start paying attention to Sabrina’s posts. The NFHC is where you ride 1 horse, 30 times, 40 hours over 12 weeks-in the coldest part of the year... easy for me to do here in Florida, not so much for her in Montana!


I have had so many people ask me about my connection with Sabrina. Lots of the people have thought we have known each other all of our lives. Most people are fascinated by the fact that I flew across the country to spend 10 days with someone I'd never met.  Many called me crazy, I call it fate. I’m a firm believer that God puts people into our lives at a certain time, for a certain reason. 



Follow Sabrina & Lisa on an unlikely journey of two people that met through HTCAA and proceeded to plan a trip of a lifetime! They rode in the Tetons outside of Jackson, Wyoming to fulfill lifelong dreams of riding horses in what is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world.  Follow along the amazing trails they were able to ride!

Photo from Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC)


Journal Entry #1
June 1st 2018

Almost there... I requested a perfect weather week and it looks like it just might happen! Slept two hours last night, I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. Ended up in a middle seat on the way here and the guy next to me was a park ranger who worked in The Tetons for 13 years, pretty cool. -Lisa

Photo at Wildflour Bakery Emigrant, MT


Journal Entry #2
June 2nd


We drove into town for a few things, picked up some BBQ and pastries for the drive tomorrow. It’s almost 80 degrees today and gorgeous! Sabrina is napping (I tried, and failed). We are all packed up, hooked up and ready to make the drive to Jackson Hole, Wyoming tomorrow.


I’m still living on pure adrenaline. I’ve slept about 6 hours in the last 3 days, but I feel like I could go run a marathon!  Hoping when she wakes up we can go for a little ride. After that, dinner and more photos. I’m sure the sunset will be just as spectacular as the sunrise! -Lisa


Lisa with Sabrina in Emigrant, Montana


Journal Entry #3
June 2nd


Sure enough, we took a little stroll down the street this evening. All packed up and ready to roll. Headed to Jackson in the morning. Will be driving through Yellowstone...


I can’t wait to see some wildlife and the Tetons! -Lisa

Photo of Sabrina on June 3rd

Journal Entry #4
June 3rd


Today is THE day we’ve both been waiting for. I’m still on East Coast time, it’s 4am here, but I’m awake and ready for a special day. Fortunately, the sun will be up in an hour.


Yesterday, around 5 am, some large deer moved through, right by Sabrina’s house. I’m ready with the camera this morning if that happens again. Right now, the sky is clear, and the stars are so bright.


It is so very quiet here. Almost too quiet for me. I’m sure it will not be this quiet in Jackson. I’m looking forward to seeing the cabin and the river and getting all settled in for the week.


Delilah (one of Sabrina’s dogs), I think (not light enough for me to see) decided to come sleep with me around 2:30am. I’m glad she’s comfortable enough to do that, she and Jax are really amazing. It was fun to see how Sabrina manages them on a ride. Everyone knows their position and they are all so content. No wonder watching the videos of them all out together are so mesmerizing.


Stay tuned... the really good stuff is about to begin. I’m hoping we see Bear and Bison today. :) -Lisa

Journal Entry #5
June 3rd


We parked at the corrals and rode a trail to this view. Childhood dream realized.    -Sabrina

Photo from our ride on June 4th

Journal Entry #6
June 4


So yesterday we made the drive to Jackson. I’m not often speechless but WOW...


The drive through Yellowstone was amazing. We stopped many times and took the horses and dogs out. I have a ton more pictures. This is on my phone and I’m somewhere with a cell signal so... Enjoy! -Lisa

Photo of Sabrina & Lisa and the fure family at the Grand Teton entrance


Journal Entry #7
June 5th


Sunday drive from Emigrant, MT to Jackson, WY. Left at 9am, settled in at KOA around 11pm... long day, worth every minute! -Lisa

Photo of Sabrina at String Lake


Journal Entry #8
June 5th


Monday late afternoon ride at String Lake in The Tetons. All the hikers were gone, and we basically had the place all to ourselves. Stunning views of Grand Teton. It finally looks real to me.-Lisa


Photo of Sabrina at National Museum of Wildlife Art


Journal Entry #9
June 6th  


So today we did something really cool!  We attended a symposium about wildlife migration. Very interesting and informative, and a beautiful museum! It was fun to sit and listen to people speak about something I knew nothing about. Don’t worry, back out with the horse’s tomorrow! -Lisa


Photo of Deliliah & Jax taking a nap at Snake River KOA


Journal Entry #10
June 6th 


Thought you all might to see our accommodations! :) -Lisa

Photo of Sabrina at String Lake


Journal Entry #11
June 7th 


Forgot to share this yesterday. This was our Tuesday evening ride. The mosquitos around the lake in the evening are horrendous. We were prepared though. It’s worth it for the stunning views of the lake and mountains from that side of the mountain. Plus, most of the day hikers are gone. :) We went past some beautiful falls. Hard to take pics because when we stopped the mosquitos swarmed!  -Lisa

Photo of Sabrina at Grand Teton National Park


Journal Entry #12
June 8th  


So, I haven't posted much because I am so in awe and so tired! But here is one of my favorites. -Sabrina

Another favorite of mine. Two Elk on the side of the mountain.  -Sabrina

Photo of Lisa at Jenny Lake Trail


Journal Entry #13
June 8th


Thursday ride. Our goal was to ride the loop around Jenny Lake. The trail system is well marked for foot traffic, but not as well for horses. We ended up rerouting but it all worked out as the views from the other side of Leigh and String were amazing. The melting snow created a lot of water crossings and the terrain on that side is very rough, so not many pictures as staying on our horses was priority one. -Lisa  




Journal Entry #14
June 8th


I can’t believe I’ve lived 50 years and just now made my way to this area. Absolutely love it here! Thanks Sabrina for the invite... it’s been amazing!!   -Lisa

Photo at Nora's Fish Creek Inn


Journal Entry #15
June 8th


Restaurants are in my blood and this place is the heartbeat of the American dream. If you find your way to the Jackson area, you must come here (Nora’s Fish Creek Inn)! -Lisa 



Journal Entry #16
June 9th


Finally got to take Jax and Delilah with us! Another amazing day in WY. Rode the Teton County Pathways to Wilson. Incredible! -Lisa

Photo of Sabrina at Jackson Lake Lodge


Journal Entry #17
June 9th  


The journey from Hoback Junction to Jackson Lake Lodge, and the ride at Oxbow and Emma Matilda, on Saturday. The final ride of our amazing Adventure! -Lisa





From here Lisa & Sabrina share reflections 
of the trip after it had ended...


Journal Entry #18

The insanely incredible drive from Jackson Lake Lodge to Emigrant, MT where we got to see wonderful wildlife, including this great Bison. -Lisa

Photo of Lisa sitting on the porch of Jackson Lake Lodge


Journal Entry #19


6.12.18 This place is magical whether sitting on the porch of Jackson Lake Lodge or riding. - Sabrina


Journal Entry #20

I'm still sorting through hundreds of photos taken by Lisa with her camera, her phone and my photos on my phone. What an extraordinary adventure! Waking up there each morning was magical. – Sabrina

Journal Entry #21


I scroll through these photos daily - way better than anything on TV. Still sorting though, and today when Sabrina and I talked, we both realized we have photos the other one doesn’t have. I took most of these with a nice camera, but I do have some iPhone pics too. Also a load of photos I took at her house, really special place she has out there in Emigrant, MT. Amazing Mountain View’s, Elk wandering around, not much sound except the wind blowing... seriously amazing! -Lisa


Journal Entry #22


Some cute little girls on their way home from school snaps this picture for us :) -Sabrina

Journal Entry #23


The beginning and the end of the Teton journey... We stopped here (Jackson Lake Lodge) coming and going, ate the same thing both times and would do it all over again tomorrow...and the day after that...


I have to say, looking back on meeting Sabrinaa and this ride, I felt so connected to Sabrina, way before we ever met in person, way before we ever actually even talked to each other. Once we did start talking, a few months before the trip, the conversations came so easily. By the time it was time for me to go meet her in person, the deep connection already existed. The trip solidified and validated those feelings. For two people that had never spent one minute together, to suddenly spend 10 days with each other 24/7, and get along and communicate, many times, non verbally, was actually quite miraculous to me. There was never one minute of awkwardness about being with someone, in their home, with their animals, driving for hours etc... lifelong friends for sure. God Connections... I love them!-Lisa


… this is the last entry in the journal but certainly not the end of this amazing journey!

Check out this beautiful VIDEO of Sabrina & Lisa on their last ride together...



We don’t know about you but we here at HTCAA & The Trail Journal are awfully glad that these two ladies met through HTCAA and fulfilled their trail riding dreams – and shared it with us. If you’d like to see more about their adventures, including stunning videos and a lot more photos, head on over to their Facebook group Our 2018 Teton Adventure

And we hope they continue to share their journeys with us!

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Lisa Odom was born and raised in Florida and works as the VP of Operations for Nature's Table Franchise Company since 1992. She’s been married to her husband Don for 26 years and currently resides in Ocala, FL - the Horse Capital of the World.  She trail rides on average 20 miles per week on her sweet boy Dually.  “We compete in Obstacle Challenges, participate in all sorts of clinics, beach ride, work cows and enjoy camping with friends during the cooler months.  I am blessed to have a horse at home and the incredible Cross Florida Greenway Trail System and Horse Park just a short 10 minute trailer ride away.”


Sabrina Hana has been retired from working 27 years with people and organizations as a behavioral analyst, and now works on the phone with clients from all over the US as a certified health and wellness coach, focusing on stress reduction. She was born in Durango, Colorado and moved to her home in Paradise Valley, Montana in 2003. She rides out from her home year-round and in Yellowstone National Park April through October. “I was severely injured in a vehicle accident in 2000 and used my gelding Comet for my recovery. He now has clients of his own for equine assisted psychotherapy and riding lessons. I am widowed and live with Jax and Delilah, my two wolf hybrids, and Comet and Gracie, my two horses.”


If anyone would like more information on this amazing ride that Sabrina planned feel free to contact her at  406-223-3663

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