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Hankie on the Trail
With Karen Peck




It’s never an ordinary day on the trail when my granddaughter’s favorite friend Hankie rides along…


It all started as a long-distance bridge between Arizona and Maryland. 


You see, my beautiful 2-year-old granddaughter, Charleigh, lives in Maryland and the complications of a COVID world have inspired us to create special bonds through video.


Growing up, both of my children enjoyed Hank the Cowdog so much that I saved their puppet. Now some 30 years old.

The puppet goes on our trail rides and shares the rides and teaching moments with Charleigh.


She’s learned about mustangs, cactus, rivers, horse safety, and humor just to name a few of our video conversations.

Where there’s a challenge there’s a solution!

Today, we ride!
Karen Peck


*Photo of Charleigh taken by her mom Shawnie Peck

*Other photo locations in Superior Arizona - Picketpost Trail

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