The Grand Tetons ~ Wyoming
Riding to Leigh Lake
Cathy Olson



Riding in Grand Teton National Park in the fall is our favorite time of year. The tourists have mostly gone home, and the color is beautiful. There is nothing like seeing the Teton Range with snow on the peaks.  That time of year we also get to listen to the elk bugling while we ride the trails and stop for lunch.

The Leigh Lake trail head starts at the String Lake parking area. There is an area with hitching rails to unload and tie your horses while you move your truck and trailer to the large parking area specifically for horse trailer parking.


From that area you ride through the woods for a short distance before you get to the trail along the String Lake.  Mt. Moran reflected in the lake here is one of our favorite sights. It is just a short distance from here to Leigh Lake.


 Riding along the west shore is such a beautiful trail.


There are many social trails down to the edge of the lake where you get spectacular views of the lake. The trail travels the entire length of the lake and then continues past Bear Paw lake and on to Trapper Lake.


You return on the same trail until you get to the bridge that crosses the Leigh Lake outlet into String Lake. This trail climbs into the mountains and continues around the east side of String Lake. You pass the T that goes up to Paintbrush Canyon and continue to the end of the lake where you cross the Sting Lake outlet that feeds into Jenny Lake.  From here we returned you our trailers. You can continue around Jenny Lake or up Cascade Canyon from this spot also.


It’s a beautiful place to ride in the Fall – but also Spring and Summer too!

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