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The Fun of Christmas Pics
With Tarryn Galloway


So, in all my infinite wisdom, last year I thought it would be a fun experience to get family photos done to include my newest addition, Cass…


Worst idea ever! Let me tell you why….


Oldest child (Paco) was 16 when this bright idea came to fruition. Middle child (Phoenix) was 4. Youngest child (Cass) was 2 months!


The two youngest children were relentless in causing a ruckus…

On top of baby-mama screaming bloody murder in the background and throwing a mare-fit, the two brats were enjoying tearing off each other’s jingle bells, ripping off each other’s hats, tugging on each other’s lead ropes, nipping each other...


They completely aggravating the oldest brother who, as you can see (and much to his dismay), finally had to be placed in the middle of the two bickering and playful siblings!


These two were having far more fun than me and Paco’s patience could withstand. Needless to say, these are last year’s photos as I have vowed never ever to put myself through that torture again…probably just until next year though!




*The Trail Journal Team agrees that even though Tarryn went through quite an ordeal to get these photos - they look great!





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