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We had too many entries for our Photo Contest of our Members and their Favorite Trail Partners so here are the rest!

Linda Hamrock & MHC Smokin’ Pepto, aka Dooley

What can I say??!  When I got Dooley, he was unbroken and just turned three years old. I bought him from a friend in Kentucky. My daughter, Kari Thomas, got him started for me. With this good foundation, he climbed into the shipper’s truck and headed to Montana. We haven’t looked back since. We have logged 100’s of miles. Quite a few of those alone in the Montana backcountry. He is brave and confident. We have such a bond. We trust each other a lot. Many times, when we get into a dicey spot, I just give him his head and he gets us through. When he’s a little unsure and I say let’s go, he says “ok”, and we get through!  We’ve faced moose, bear, bikers, and hikers  Wouldn’t trade him for the world!!  He’ll be 10 this year!  Looking forward to many more great adventures with this guy!!

The photo is above Clark Canyon in Dillon, Montana. Photo Credit: Kari Thomas

Richard Travis and Casper the American Mustang 

Monument Valley, Arizona

*To read more about this amazing ride and true trail partners check out Richard's article in our March Journal!

Emily, Donavon & Trevor Baeseman along with Linda Snowbank

May of 2020 at the Wisconsin Donkey and Mule Ride at Ukarydee Horse Camp

Submitted by Gena M Garton 

Gena Carton and Todd

"My best trail partner!"

Smokie Brannaman Clinic in Richfield, Wisconsin

Photo Credit: Kimberlie Anderson DVM

Deanna Strafford riding her mule Elle 

Stephens State Forest, Iowa

Photo Credit: Amber Gordon 

Traci Frieden and one of her favorite Trail Partners


Snowy Mountain Range, Wyoming 

Traci Frieden and two of her favorite Trail Partners

"Harley & Buck"

Snowy Mountain Range, Wyoming 

Traci Frieden and one of her favorite Trail Partners


Snowy Mt Range, Wyoming 

Linda Modahl and Annabelle enjoying the sunshine

Potato Lake, Arizona

Brea Cook and SA

Ozark National Forest Norfork, Arkansas

Photo Credit goes to her very good riding friend Barb McSparin (R.I.P.)

Michelle Gilbert kissin' Marley

Mount Rogers National Recreation Area, Virginia

Photo Credit: Besty Midkiff

Cory Edmondson enjoying the trails on Roy

Forestville Mystery Cave, Minnesota

Photo Credit: Wife Shelby Edmondson

Shelli Brandi sitting atop JJ

The Bad Lands, South Dakota

Frank Keeton Riding Boza dow a steep trail

Photo Credit: Tammy Keeton Brooks (his daughter)

William Dean and his favorite four-legged trail partner Shiloh

Uncompahgre Wilderness Fall Creek Trail, Colorado

Photo Credit: Christine Dean (his wife and favorite two-legged trail partner)

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