With Tony Henrie 

While trying to decide on some fixtures for my horse trailer camper, I found a neat use for some of those old horseshoes I haven’t yet taken to the steel recycler. 

Made for an excellent dish towel ring! I bent several more for coat hangers for the back wall of my horse trailer LQ conversion area as well. 

The rustic look fits right in with the general motif of my conversion. 




With Jacqui Astorga 


Space saver hack for the horse trailer LQ. I used Tic Tac boxes. Fits 18 spices/containers.  



With Tina Romine 

Having taught Wilderness Horsemanship for over 25 years here are some suggestions… 

1. First aid kit for humans and equine (extensive one for the trailer and a mini one for the saddle to include always carrying water) 

FYI “Wilderness First Aid Training” is priceless!  

2. Leatherman (utility tool) also a mini foldable saw and pruners that fit on your saddle for trail work is essential!  

3. For the saddle...double end snaps, leather strings, in case of the need to repair something broken… rope is also handy (I use to teach how to make an emergency bridle or halter out of a piece of rope) 



With Kristie LaValley 

For those of you who use the front stall of your trailer for feed, storage, etc., do you block the divider somehow so things can't slide underneath it into the horse?  If so, what do you use?  I don't want to pay for a stud panel so looking for some easier, less expensive alternatives. 

Update:  Let me be a little clearer here.  I have a stall mat screwed into the divider in my living quarters.  And it works great. But the dividers in my bumper pull are padded and I'm not sure I want to screw anything into them.  So, I'm looking for other alternatives that don't require screws. 

Gale Johnson: 

I built this platform to keep the supplies dry. I could easily affix a sheet of plywood to it if I didn’t have the stud panel. We use the first 2 stalls of a 4 horse trailer but can remove #2 and 1 separately if going to a 3 or 4 horse. I can also move the stud panel, all of which takes just a few minutes. 

Jean Fredlund: 

I had D-rings installed in my front stall, which I use for the bungee cords that secure my cargo to the wall.



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