-Cowboy Poetry-


Easter Mornin’ On The Range

The smoke from the early mornin’ fire,

Was raisein’ up towards Heaven on this Eastern range,

Just like the Lord's ascent to glory,

As it lights up the darken plains.


Ole Cookie is cookin’ up breakfast and got the coffee warm,

As we set here and admire this Spring Easter morn.

We talk about how Jesus came and paid the price for all our sins,

And now if we repent and believe in Him a better life begins.


You see when Jesus rose from the dead He promised us eternal life,

Free from pain and tears and sickness and the strife.

We all know on this Easter mornin’, God be Praised,

The stone was rolled away and from the grave, Jesus was raised.


Livin’ with Jesus in our hearts means that when we die,

We’ll be livin’ with Him in Heaven on high.

Back then what a joy they must have felt just seein’ Jesus once more,

Bowin’ down before Him to receive Him back as Lord.


Jesus did for us so much while here on this earthly sod,

Dyin’ on the Cross and raisin’ up from the grave He brought us back to God.

The Lord will always deserve our love and praise,

As we pray to Him and thank Him for His Amazin’ Grace.


Now we know on this Easter mornin’ on the range that there is healin’ at the Cross of Christ,

We don’t need to carry our burdens and sins, for they were all crucified.

And what Jesus did upon that Cross will go into eternity,

So if you want Jesus just reach out your hand and He will too,

Then He will lead you to Victory.


                                                     © Michael Murphy 4/17/2019



*Photo by Shelby Edmondson while camping in Forestville Mystery Cave, Minnesota

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