Equine Colic Relief Solution Single Dose

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Equine Colic Relief: Are You Prepared To Stop Colic? If Equine Colic Relief is not part of your first aid kit you could lose your precious Horse! Have that “Peace of Mind” knowing you have a first defense against colic. ORDER BEFORE YOU NEED IT!!! The fastest shipping in the world won’t be fast enough when you have a colic emergency on your hands! Order not before you need it, have 1-3 bottles on hand at all times A) Barn B) Horse trailer C) Saddle Bag. ?~YOU CAN’T PUT A PRICE ON YOUR HORSE’S HEALTH~ So we keep ours price rather small. Owning a horse is one of life’s most rewarding experiences; it takes a lot and we understand. This is a phenomenal product. I personally have lost a horse to colic, Oct. 2019 before I found this product. I will never again “NOT” be prepared to STOP a bout of colic and SAVE my horse. A girlfriend just called with a colicy 24 year old horse and gave it right away and within 30-40 mIn. the horse was totally better. An average time of 10-20 minutes your horse’s bowel sounds return & as it’s ingested, in unison, 90-200 minutes using this ECR 4-Part Patented Formula "Equine Colic Relief" safely and Consistently. IT’S TIME TO “THINK” OUT OF THE BOX. THIS PRODUCT REALLY WORKS!!! It is not a preventative; it is a remedy that stops a bout of colic that is in progress.

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$85.00 for ECR (Equine Colic Relief) solution kit w/oral syringe optional/additional $44.40 for DiGize Essential Oil by YL optional/additional $28.95 for Peppermint Essential Oil by YL

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