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HTCAA was created by Shannon Schraufnagel back on August 15th 2012 on facebook. She was wanting to find more places to trail ride with her horses & husband. Within just a few short weeks HTCAA was growing beyond her control. She brought on a couple members to help monitor the page, and for fun named them the HTCAA Posse (And the Posse started to call her the Posse Boss).

With the constant help from the Posse, and frequent reminders to the members “If you wouldn’t say it around the campfire


HTCAA welcomed over 50,000 Facebook Members in less than 4 years, which has made it the fastest growing Trail Riding group in America! With the rapid growth they quickly realized that HTCAA was outgrowing Facebook. That’s when Shannon decided to blaze a new trail… She decided to take HTCAA from Facebook to a website that would accommodate all the fun we have on Facebook! Plus be able to save, search and organize all these amazing trails & great discussions which take place in HTCAA every day. She had no idea what kind of journey she was about to embark on… but it’s been a wild ride!


If this is your first time to the HTCAA Website then you’re getting the first glimpse of the future of HTCAA. Much like it was for our first few Members just 4 years ago on Facebook there weren’t 50,000 Members and there weren’t thousands of photos, trails or conversations being shared every day. But as they kept returning day after day, HTCAA became the #1 Trail Riding Resource on the Internet! And you too can help HTCAA continue that success and become even greater than what it is now!

Shannon & The HTCAA Posse

P.S. If you’re one of our 50,000 Facebook Members, we want to give you a HUGE THANK YOU for your constant support and participation on HTCAA! Without you HTCAA would not be what it is today! You guys rock!

“Where new trails are discovered, old trails are shared, friends are made & the campfire is always ablaze!”


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